“A ‘full-fibre’ solution is capable of much quicker speeds when it’s not hindered by the old telephone network.”

Full fibre means just that, the connection is fibre from end to end. Some services are marketed as fibre broadband, but often the service is still run over a regular telephone line or coaxial cable at some point which means the speeds and capabilities simply aren’t comparable to full fibre.

Connecting to Fibre Blackpool means:

  • Fast, reliable performance – no more buffering, waiting hours for stuff to upload, or watching ‘juddery’ video
  • Hyperfast speeds to power your bandwidth hungry applications – it will handle anything you throw at it from Netflix, Office 365, voice over IP telephony and payroll, to gaming online
  • A range of competitively priced services to fulfil the needs of homes and businesses across the Fylde Coast
  • A range of premium services will also be available where a dedicated line is required.

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